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A New Seamless Grazing Management Tool Allows Ranchers to Unlock Productivity, Sustainability and Profitability

Billings, Montana – March 28, 2023 – Forage production and harvest are the foundation of the ranching business, and written grazing management plans promise to increase a producer’s ability to steward their critical resources more effectively. However, the experience with most grazing management software is cumbersome, time-intensive, and rigid – failing to provide the flexibility ranchers require throughout the year. Meanwhile, the few pieces of technology that have popped up in and around cow/calf operations in the past have required an enormous amount of time, energy, and technical skill to use. Enriched Ag is on a mission to make these problems a thing of the past by simplifying the killer complexities of creating and implementing a grazing management plan.

“You shouldn’t need a Ph.D. to build your grazing management plan, and you shouldn’t need a computer science degree to deploy technology on your ranch,” said Billy Cook, VP of Producer Relations at Enriched Ag. “The tool that we’ve built delivers value to ranchers in minutes with very little effort or data entry. Our goal is to empower producers to make more data-driven decisions and improve land management.”

In 2019, the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef released what they called “high-priority goals & sector targets,” which outlined a vision for continuous improvement in the sustainability of the U.S. beef value chain. One of these goals was to improve outcomes for land by creating written grazing management plans on 385 million acres by 2050. Most experts say we’re nowhere near that goal today.

“There have been a ton of grazing management software platforms that ranchers can access, but none of them have moved the needle on getting usable plans in the hands of ranchers,” said Mike Komp, Director of Business Development at Enriched Ag. “What we’re dealing with here is not a lack of information or desire for change, but the lack of a system that makes creating and managing plans easy. Our technology makes it easy.”

Enriched Ag launched last November with a Grazing Insights and Carbon tool that allows users to access free, unbiased ranch data in a single platform, including detailed information about grazing potential, beef lifecycle management, and carbon optimization.

Cook, a veteran of the cattle industry, says the Enriched technology is a game changer for ranchers and the entire beef value chain.

“I grew up in this industry. I’ve heard all the buzzwords. I remember when we all started talking about holistic ranching, then it was sustainable, then adaptive, now it’s regenerative – pick your favorite term. We’re not worried about what phrase you want to use, we want to work with you to make the forage and pastureland you depend on more productive so you can leave it to the next generation.”

Last month at the National Cattleman’s Beef Association Convention, Enriched announced their Early Adopter Program – an opportunity for ranchers to access their premium insights tool, including: 

  • Frequent satellite imagery with Pasture Insights 
  • Monthly forage production estimates & dynamic Grazing Insights 
  • Access to Enriched Ag Consultants 
  • Exclusive access to new technology (currently in beta testing) 
  • On-ranch demos and installations 
  • Access to the early adopter community 
  • The ability to provide feedback and influence product development

You can learn more about the Early Adopter program here.


Building Wealth on the World’s Ranches

Enriched Ag is on a mission to unlock the environmental and socioeconomic value of grazing lands. We believe that by making it easier for ranchers to adopt and monitor management practices that support productivity, soil health, and ranch profitability, we can also enable them to meet requirements to monetize carbon sequestered in their land.

Backed by Radical Ventures and Future Ventures, we are a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and experts who have worked at organizations such as Carnegie Mellon University, Google, Intel, Yahoo, and The Noble Foundation.

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