Early Adopters Help Drive Premium Insights Tool

Early Adopters Help Drive Premium Insights Tool

All contributions are useful to meet an end goal. The phrase “every little bit helps” rings true in saving time and money. It can also mean each member of a team offering individual skills and input to take a project from good to great.

At Enriched Ag, we believe working hand-in-hand with ranchers (our primary customers) and chipping away at turning challenges into opportunities will make the ranching families more efficient and profitable, while improving the land for future generations.

Optimize Management. Build Resilience. Increase Profits. Sequester Carbon. These succinct, yet powerful statements continue to drive the production of our useful data-driven insights tool. A key to building a beneficial, easy-to-use tool is allowing ranchers to use it and provide valuable feedback before it’s available publicly, and this is what led to our early adopter program.

Early Adopter Program in Full Swing; Savings for All

More than 30 U.S. ranchers are currently participating in our premium insights early adopter program. Utilizing the input and ideas from our early adopters, our tool is being tweaked and improved in preparation for a public launch by Summer 2023. Our data-driven, low-touch tool will help ranchers make real-time grazing management decisions and ultimately save on supplemental feed costs.

“One way that our insights tool can have a meaningful economic impact for ranchers is through reduced hay feeding. Ranchers can potentially save $2.25 per head or more for every day they don’t have to feed hay,” said Billy Cook, Enriched Ag’s VP of producer relations. “Enriched Ag’s premium insights allow ranchers to evaluate individual pastures and understand where and when to move their herds, which results in better forage utilization and cost savings for ranches of all sizes.”

Interested in investing in your ranch to optimize forage management and become more profitable? While the early adopter program is making the tool more functional, it’s important for all ranchers to know that Enriched Ag’s team is available to answer questions, showcase the tool and get interested ranchers on the list for the public launch. The onboarding process will allow rancher customers to visit with members of our team and ensure their ranch information, including ranch and pasture boundaries, are digitized appropriately within the tool. 

“Trust is important to our organization,” said Mike Komp, Enriched Ag’s director of business development. “Our team stands with you through the process to ensure the insights are meaningful and you get the most you possibly can out of the product. We aim to provide something unique to the market that is quick, easy and an overall win for ranchers and the beef supply chain.”

Premium Insights Interest

Ranchers who sign up for the premium insights tool can expect many features to help them in their management decisions. These features include:

  • Projected forage production and grazing days per pasture
  • Pasture-level rest and optimal recovery
  • Localized forage production and rainfall deviation
  • Customized alerts
  • Herd tracking
  • Grazing multiple herds and species
  • Outcome validation and reporting for your needs

To learn more about our premium insights, contact us online or call 406-318-9631. More to come on our premium insights launch! We look forward to working with you!


— The Enriched Ag Team

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