The Power of Connectivity

Real-Time Ranching by Enriched Ag

Revolutionizing Operations with Real-Time Ranching

In the vast expanse of the ranching landscape, where time is of the essence and every decision counts, staying connected and informed has become the linchpin for success.

Welcome to the era of Real-Time Ranching, where Enriched Ag is providing a revolutionary solution that transforms the way ranchers operate.

Real-Time Ranching provides advanced technology and customized insights to improve operations. It brings ranchers a wealth of production data anytime and anywhere, conveniently delivered in real time to your UTV or ranch vehicle. All of this is enabled by a state-of-the-art hardware system that includes:

  • Uninterrupted internet connectivity;
  • A tablet securely mounted to your ranch vehicle displaying customized insights; and
  • A proprietary dual-camera system attached to the same vehicle.

Our Real-Time Ranching package brings these hardware components together with a sophisticated app on the rancher’s phone and the mounted tablet that sorts and analyzes images using artificial intelligence and shares data-driven insights. This potent combination puts the power of real-time information right at your fingertips to improve efficiency and ranch management.

Production Insights Anytime, Anywhere

Imagine a rancher navigating his UTV across his ranch. As he moves from one pasture to the next, real-time insights specific to his current pasture are displayed in his UTV, much like truck or tractor navigation screens. There’s no need to retreat home or find a cell service signal to fetch these insights due to internet connectivity in the field. The insights offer the rancher crucial information, such as each pasture’s grazing days and pounds of forage per acre, like a knowledgeable companion by his side.

This isn’t merely an upgrade. It’s a game-changer. Whether you’re in a remote field or at the office, essential information is now at your disposal to fine-tune your operations in real time and boost productivity.

SOS Alerts and Location Tracking: Ensuring Safety and Efficiency

Picture this: A ranch team member comes across an animal in need of aid. In the days before Real-Time Ranching, she would likely have to abandon the animal to seek assistance. But now, help is but a call away, instantly, without abandoning the situation. The same principle holds for other challenges such as water issues, fencing dilemmas, or even a ranch vehicle breakdown.

Safety and security aren’t just buzzwords in ranching operations; they are the cornerstone. Our team is acutely aware of this we know the gravity of keeping personnel safe and staying braced for unpredictability. The Enriched Ag Insights Map lets you keep a real-time check on your team members’ locations. In an emergency or when someone stays idle for too long, the SOS feature springs into action. It triggers immediate alerts and allows for expedient action. Real-Time Ranching isn’t just about enhancing operational efficiency; it’s about cultivating an environment that prioritizes the safety and well-being of all team members.

Identifying and Mapping Problems with Precision and Ease

In the past, recognizing and rectifying issues on the ranch was like running a marathon arduous and time-consuming. But with Enriched Ag’s cutting-edge camera system, things have shifted. The system captures and tags images with objects of interest to create a visual history of the ranch that tethers crucial visual information records to precise locations. These visuals, displayed on a map, provide a clear perspective of the ranch and the challenges it presents.

What used to be a difficult task, the sorting of data by cows, grass, location, time, and other crucial factors, has been turned into a cakewalk thanks to the innovative use of machine learning insights. Imagine the system steadily recording erosion over time or detecting invasive species in pastures. This targeted, real-time data is an invaluable ally in pinpointing and resolving issues on the ranch.

Real-Time Ranching by Enriched Ag is about revolutionizing ranching through technological advancement. With a treasure trove of insights, connectivity and powerful tools at the rancher’s disposal, Enriched Ag is challenging the status quo of how ranching operations are managed.

Take control of your ranching operations like never before. Optimize your time and collect data every time you move across your ranch with a new era of productivity, streamlined operations, and enhanced team well-being. The power of Real-Time Ranching is waiting to be harnessed. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to unlock the true potential of your land.

Are you ready to embrace the Real-Time Ranching revolution? Learn more about how Enriched Ag can revolutionize your ranching operations, and contact our team at Your success starts here.

— The Enriched Ag Team

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