Step into the mind of a rancher. Operational thoughts bounce from making enough money…to providing a high-quality product for the consumer…to making necessary improvements before son or daughter take over…to finding enough time in the day to get everything on the to-do list accomplished.

Many farm management tools exist on the market today to make ranching more efficient from different angles. What makes Enriched Ag’s products different?

Check out our “Top 3” list below.

  1. Savings on hay and supplemental feed costs equals more money in the rancher’s pocket. Enriched Ag can help. While many ranch management tools on the market today focus on helping producers keep track of herd records/data, the new version of Enriched Ag Insights offers ranchers the following: projected forage production and grazing days per pasture, pasture-level rest and optimal recovery, localized forage production and rainfall deviation through customized alerts, herd tracking for multiple herds and species, and outcome validation and reporting for supply chain needs. Enriched Ag Insights provide ranchers the information they need to save on feed costs and be more profitable, while enhancing environmental outcomes. For every day a rancher doesn’t have to feed supplemental hay, he or she could save $2.25 per head. That adds up to be huge cost savings for an average sized herd.
  2. Technology can be time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Enriched Ag Insights are low-touch and fully supported. Our expert team is here to help ranchers get set up and enter their ranch and pasture boundaries (if desired). We don’t require ranchers to sit at a computer and enter loads of data. Our insights are generated using advanced technologies such as satellite imagery, machine learning and predictive modeling to increase the rancher’s ability to be more efficient and profitable through data-driven decisions, including pasture rotations. If interested in learning more, contact us today.
  3. Information can be accessible and updated on-the-go. We are in the process of creating a dynamic product offering, called Real-Time Ranching, that includes both hardware and software components to make it easy to use an even more robust offering of Enriched Ag Insights in real time on the ranch. This new offering includes Enriched Ag Insights along with a camera, Internet device and tablet for the UTV or ranch vehicle to allow ranchers the ability to collect and see more information in the field, increase efficiency and profitability, and be safer in places with limited connectivity. We currently offer a free insights version on our website. Like many other tools on the market, this free offering offers valuable data when ranchers are connected, likely when cell phone or Internet service allows. Real-Time Ranching changes that and ensures that data can be analyzed anytime and anywhere.

Our team is ready to work alongside ranchers, to help them be more profitable while improving ecosystem health. We are currently in our Early Adopter alpha phase of our Enriched Ag Insights, which allows about 30 ranchers to use our platform and offer valuable feedback. We are incorporating their recommendations into the latest version of our tool that will launch with Real-Time Ranching.

Our product is one that is created for ranchers by ranchers, with the help of some of the best tech-savvy minds in the industry. Stay tuned – we look forward to publicly announcing our enhanced product offering of Real-Time Ranching this summer.

– Enriched Ag Team