Enriched Ag RealTime

Bringing the Power of Connectivity to Range and Pasture Management

Enriched Ag RealTime features reliable satellite internet connectivity to provide imagery analysis and insights to ranchers in the field.

BILLINGS, MONTANA – Feb. 6, 2024 – Many tools promise efficiency to ranchers, but often fall short on a necessary component: connectivity. Enriched Ag, an agricultural technology company, has released a product platform to improve range and pasture management. Enriched Ag RealTime, one of three available product solutions, offers a wealth of on-the-spot intelligence, reliably backed with the connective power of satellite internet from Starlink, a division of SpaceX.

“Our Enriched Ag RealTime product leverages Starlink to deliver insights to producers to increase efficiency and help keep business moving in the field,” said Mike Komp, Enriched Ag’s director of business development. “John Deere and SpaceX recently announced a partnership to bring Starlink satellite internet to more farmers in their tractors. We are deploying Starlink in UTVs and other ranch vehicles specifically for range and pasture monitoring.”

With Enriched Ag RealTime, ranchers can use insights and imagery to take care of problems in the moment, such as water issues, animal health issues or broken fences. They can expect improvements in safety, productivity and savings.

From tablets equipped in the ranch vehicles, users can see current and historical driving paths of each vehicle and receive alerts on extended idle time and weather systems. Knowing locations of other team members ensures safety and facilitates swift decision-making. And, staying connected with veterinarians, trusted advisors and the entire ranch team becomes seamless, even in the most remote corners of the ranch.

Additionally, Enriched Ag RealTime can pinpoint locations for monitoring forage, bare ground, biodiversity, brush encroachment or weeds. Enriched Ag RealTime uses Enriched Ag Insights and Enriched Ag Vision technologies to receive live updates around the ranch.

Enriched Ag Insights are driven by remote sensing technology to provide ranchers important management information, including pasture-level forage production, grazing and recovery days, stocking recommendations and potential carbon impact.

Enriched Ag Vision gives ranchers ground-level information from a mounted dual camera, which collects imagery while the vehicle traverses the landscape. Then, Enriched Ag’s data models analyze the images for forage height estimates, plant biodiversity and changes in infrastructure, as examples. Ranchers can even use images marked as aesthetically pleasing to help market their operation and sustainability practices.

“There are numerous benefits to being connected on the ranch,” Komp said. “We are working with producers and industry partners to deploy Enriched Ag RealTime, and we’re confident that many others will find high value in this system for improving operational efficiency.”

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Building Wealth on the World’s Ranches

Enriched Ag is on a mission to unlock the environmental and socioeconomic value of grazing lands. We believe that by making it easier for ranchers to adopt and monitor management practices that support productivity, soil health, and ranch profitability, we can also enable them to meet requirements to monetize carbon sequestered in their land.

Backed by Radical Ventures and Future Ventures, we are a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and experts who have worked at organizations such as Carnegie Mellon University, Google, Intel, Yahoo, and The Noble Foundation.

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