Navigating Modern Ranching with Enriched Ag’s Product Line

Navigating Modern Ranching

At Enriched Ag, our team has walked, driven, and ridden across the vast stretches of American ranches with producers and felt the pulse of modern ranching. We’ve listened to these producers recount tales of their challenges — from the unpredictability of weather, the ebb and flow of market prices, the complexity of land management, to the changing desires of consumers. And we understand that ranching today is not just about livestock and pastures; it’s about navigating a shifting landscape filled with environmental, economic, and social challenges.

With these challenges in mind, we’re proud to introduce to the market our rancher-tested line of products that can help you reduce costs, increase profits, manage risk, improve the land, and validate the outcomes of your management efforts. Enriched Ag’s new product line encompasses an engine of machine learning and artificial intelligence to positively impact the agricultural community. The products currently on the market today include Enriched Ag Insights, Enriched Ag Vision, and Enriched Ag RealTime.

Our story began with our free version of grazing, carbon, and supply chain insights that have been enhanced to include even more details to support ranching decisions. Enriched Ag Insights are a low-touch, high-value offering for ranchers that now provide more information such as current and forecasted forage production and grazing data, pasture-level optimal recovery, stocking recommendations, rainfall and water analytics, bare ground detection and tracking, and sequestered carbon estimates. The Insights have been tested by more than 30 U.S. ranchers and are currently offered to select universities for student use as part of the Enriched-U academic program.

To make the Insights more accessible and usable in the moment, Enriched Ag RealTime started as a concept with our company that evolved into a useful ranching solution. RealTime is a unique system of hardware and software that allows you to view your ranch’s Insights in real time, anywhere, to make smarter management decisions.

Along with the full RealTime solution, our team is offering Enriched Ag Vision, a standalone and invaluable component of Enriched Ag RealTime. Enriched Ag Vision includes a smart dual camera that captures imagery to provide a visual historical record of land, animal, and infrastructure changes throughout the ranch and documents the impact of your ranching management.

Enriched Ag Vision Turns Imagery into Insights

With our advanced monitoring capabilities — offered on the ground using Enriched Ag Vision and from the sky using satellite imagery — we at Enriched Ag use our tools and technology to provide you with unparalleled insights into your ranch’s operations. Specifically, Enriched Ag Vision can be easily mounted to your ranch vehicle to gather data that you can later upload and analyze in your customized dashboard. The camera offering comes packaged with a mounting kit, charging accessories, and a quick-start guide to get you collecting data in the field in no time.

In fact, our Vision product effortlessly collects data all while doing your regular ranch drives for checking pastures, water, and livestock. After uploading your images, we use machine learning to identify and quantify items such as biodiversity, bare ground, vegetation composition, and infrastructure. Images are stored in a searchable library, where you can find them categorized by certain tags, such as the presence of water or livestock, and can even view them in geo-referenced locations. You can use this information to assist with your grazing strategies, erosion control, invasive weed management, animal health, or to market your ranch products.

When you make changes to improve your ranching operation, you can see those changes reflected over time in your Insights. Hence, Vision helps you visually record and quantify your management. You have references to your cattle herds, including body condition and health status, throughout various times of the year. Producers without connectivity or real-time needs will still find high value in Enriched Ag Vision for record keeping and management.

Enriched Ag RealTime Brings Unprecedented Value

Efficiency, as we see it, is the cornerstone of successful ranching. Enriched Ag RealTime equips you with insights as data comes in and enables you to make management decisions in the moment. It’s not just about saving; it’s about enhancing productivity at every level.

But our work goes beyond improving efficiency. Imagine a world where the vast expanse of your ranch is interconnected, where you can instantly share your location with your team to ensure safety and facilitate swift decision-making. With Enriched Ag RealTime, staying connected with veterinarians, trusted advisors, and your entire ranch team becomes seamless, even in the most remote corners of your land.

At Enriched Ag, we believe that RealTime is more than a technological advancement. It’s our commitment to bridging tradition with innovation and ensuring that despite the myriad of challenges, your ranch thrives and prospers.

Partner with Enriched Ag

Ready to redefine your ranching operations with a touch of innovation? Explore more at and be a part of the ranching revolution through our products and expertise. Let’s shape the future of ranching, together.

— The Enriched Ag Team

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